DR. Heloísa Helena Filipe Alves Proença, DDS MSc PH.D

    Academics Degrees:

    1989 – 1996 Degree in Dental Medicine (DDS), Higher Institute of Hearth Sciences Egas Moniz, Lisbon,
    1996 – 1997 Postgraduate Program in Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment in the Growing Patient. Dr.
    James McNamara, Madrid, Spain.
    1997 – 1998 Postgraduate Program in Orthodontics and Functional occlusion. Prof. Dr. Ronald H. Roth and
    Robert E. Williams, U. S. A.
    1997 – 1999 Graduate studies in Orthodontics, European Center of Orthodontics, Madrid, Spain.
    2004 – 2007 Master in Dental Science (MSc) in the specialization of Orthodontics, Donau Universitat Krems,
    2008 – 2013 Postgraduate student, Kanagawa Dental University, Yokosuka, Japan.
    2009 Award for Best Poster – “Cl. II Skeletal Anterior Open Bite”.
    2013 Award for Best Scientific Presentation, Award of Prof. Dr. Bação Leal, Lisbon, Portugal.
    2014 Doctor in Dental Science, PH.D degree, in Kanagawa Dental University, Yokosuka, Japan , with the
    Title: “A 3D computerized tomography study of changes in craniofacial morphology of Portuguese
    skulls from the eighteenth century to the present”
    2014 Award for Best Scientific Presentation, IaaiD Asia, Japan.
    2016 – Professor in a Postgraduate Functional Orthodontic Course , Portugal (CMO Education)

    Professional Experience:

    1996 Foundation of a Private Clinic. Clinical Director Dentist – Specialist in Orthodontics, Center for Oral
    Medicine. (Private office in Beja, Portugal)
    1996 – 2004 Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthodontics, Higher Institute of Hearth Sciences Egas
    Moniz, Lisbon, Portugal.
    1996 – 2004 Clinical Director Dentist, Center for Oral Medicine in Higher Institute of Hearth Sciences Egas
    2006 – 2007 Co-adviser in the postgraduate University Course, Donau-Universitat Krems, Austria.
    2007 – 2008 Member of the Examination Board in the Postgraduate University course “Interdisciplinary
    Therapy”, Donau-Universitat Krems, Austria.
    2011 – 2014 Scientific researcher at the Centre for Forensic Medicine, Coimbra, Portugal.
    2011 – 2014 Reviewer of Scientific Articles – American Journal of Orthodontics (AJO)
    2016 Member of Portuguese Dentist Order Council (OMD)
    2014 Member of South European Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Research (SEJODR)
    2014 Member of American Association of Orthodontics (AAO)
    2014 Member of World Federation of Orthodontics (WFO)